‘You’re telling me the Victoria and Albert Museum, only exists because seven guys needed to hide a handful of objects for a hundred years?’

Rebecca hadn’t asked for a story, she wanted the truth; but sometimes the truth is incredible…


Book 1 of the World Invisible trilogy

‘Stand on the island of glass and look toward the great circle.’

Somebody had known something once. Why would people not keep records?

Three years ago Rebecca was drawn into hunting for a doorway to another world, and cannot forget the terrible consequences of finding it. And it seems she is still involved…

Book 2 of the World Invisible trilogy


What am I doing here? I always said I’d never do this. Why am I doing this?

On New Year’s Day, outside the Royal Festival Hall where she is enjoying an innocent holiday among the buskers and street performers, Rebeca receives the first message, slipped into her pocket by sleight of hand while she is unaware.

And so the riddle begins…


Book 3 of the World Invisible trilogy